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  Voo-doo and Witchcraft

Abortion clinic escort
Finding the Warrior Goddess In the Unlikeliest of Places: Shining Spider

Quote: “Often, when we are on the "Pagan path" of seeking a relationship with the divine, we seek it out in what are still pretty traditional ways. Pagans - like other religious people - use meditation, chanting, prayer, worship, classes and workshops to find that aspect within each of us that links up with our idea of deity. Through these exercises we don’t only find peace or a connection with the goddess, but we also learn more about ourselves .I did ‘clinic defense' work with a group based in DC. The basic premise is that, working with the clinic, we make a safe passage from street to door for women who are often yelled at by pro-life/anti-choice protesters. Not all clinics are in need of this – I, for many years, went to a Planned Parenthood.”

Abortion clinic escort
Witch Wars: Fire in the craft,

Quote: “Personally I am thrilled when I see another local Pagan at the grocery, bank etc. I kinda thought that the idea was we’re all in this together. I’ve seen the Christian turf wars at the local abortion clinic. As an escort I saw the Catholics show up at 7:30 AM to protest only to leave at 9:00 AM when the fundamentalists showed up to protest. All of the escorts including a Christian escort thought it was hysterically funny. We (the witches) don’t need turf wars.”

Abortion clinic escort
National Review the J Street five - Sacramento, CA abortion clinic case: 12-16-1991

Quote: "The goddess lives here in my body," "Masturbation can be fun," and "Jesus was an olive-skinned gay Jewish healer, " reported the National Review that several escorts at the Feminist WHC clinics screamed in their bizarre chants.

Abortion clinic supporter
Barn Burner: Sharon Lee:

Quote: This story was written online about a Wiccan pro-abortion person coming against a pro-life minister: “Merry Ash is a Witch or—her preference—a Wiccan. So, picture it: Reverend Stern and his followers, with their placards of graphically ravaged fetuses, jostling through the crowd to find their place in the parade queue—and coming face-to-placard with Merry Ash and the founding membership of Gaia Coven. The Wimsy Voice had been there, which meant Dan Skat and me. Dan won Best Grab from the Mid-Maine Newspaper Association for the shot of Merry wrenching Reverend Stern's placard out of his hands. Merry was ticketed by Officer Vince Kellor and had to pay a fine for littering. After she beat the placard to death against the side of the post office she left the pieces scattered around the parking lot.”

Abortion clinic supporter
Ethics of abortion, a witch’s perspective, Volume 3, number 3, feminista

Quote: “Casting pentagrams in the air I yelled "I invoke D**na, protect your women" Some pro-choice women started chanting, "We all come from the goddess", while other pro-choice women defiantly held up crosses made from rusty clothes hangers. As they supported my ritual they became a part of it, blending our energies together. I focused on "Miss Forward", repeating the invocation until peaking our cone.” (Comments made regarding protesting in favor of abortion) .

abortion clinic worker
described by this website: Pagan passages, the circle dance of life:

Quote: “Alison studied with the late Victor she helped publish one of the first American Craft magazines, Nemeton. She was one of the founding members of Wings of Vanthi coven. In addition to Faerie/Feri, Alison was initiated to 3rd degree Gardnerian by Lady Athena and Dagda. Politically, Alison was an ardent feminist and worked to assist women in obtaining safe, low-cost abortions prior to Roe v. Wade.”

abortion clinic
A report on witchcraft and abortion,Christianity Today: What's going on? In a word, witchcraft

Quote: The 1998 Sept/Oct edition of Christianity Today featured and article titled Bewitched, that spoke about how paganism was being mainstreamed into society. The author writes:"Like many Christians, I knew little about the neo-pagan movement until five years ago, when I discovered that the name of a Seattle abortion clinic, "Aradia," named after a "goddess of healing arts," also was cited in witchcraft literature as the daughter of the moon goddess Diana and the sun god Lucifer sent to earth to establish witchcraft."

Barbara Walker
Ethics of abortion, a witch’s perspective, Volume 3, number 3, feminista, (pg 174). In her book, "The Skeptical Feminist” by Barbara Walker

Quote: "Ancient methods of family limitation known to the Greeks and Romans--contraceptive sponges, abortifacient drugs--were outlawed by the clergy and retained only in some secret traditions of witchcraft"

Brenda Peterson
abortion supporter
New Age Journal: September/October 1993 Sister against Sister by Brenda Peterson

Quote: “I delved into studying the old pagan, Earth-centered goddess religions that flourished for centuries. In these traditions the feminine was divine, her power bestowed on women and men alike. During this matriarchal time, the power to give and deny birth belonged to the goddess and to women. Men considered these birth mysteries to be a woman's holy territory. Later, in the Greek traditions there were gods and goddesses, such as Artemis, symbol of wisdom, the hunt, the moon, and childbirth. In her book Pagan Meditations, Ginette Paris describes abortion as an essentially religious act, a sacred sacrifice to Artemis. "One aborts an impossible love," she writes, "not a hatred." In her new book, The Sacrament of Abortion, Paris explains further that if we saw abortion as a sacred ritual, it would restore to the act a sense of the sanctity of life. …For those sisters who have chosen the "sacrament" of abortion, we will make sacred the sacrifice.”

Cecilia Fire Thunder
former South Dakota Oglala Sioux tribe president
Indian Country Today, Fire Thunder confirms plans for clinic: 5-12-2006

Quote: Cecilia Fire Thunder was suspended for threatening to open an abortion clinic on her reservation if abortions were banned in the state. The tribe council also voted to ban all abortions on the reservation calling Fire Thunder’s actions – unauthorized political activity.Fire Thunder planned to call the abortion clinic Sacred Choices Clinic and said she pursued this failed effort because, "In my culture we have a goddess, the White Buffalo Calf Woman. It's a feminine power and that's who I am. I need to honor the feminine power - so the goddess is making me do this."

Debi Jackson
abortion clinic employee, Ohio
City Beat, No Abortion Mill, Local clinic closes rather than obey new Ohio law By Sam Robinson , 2-22-2006

Quote: Jackson practices an ancient Chinese calming ritual inside Cincinnati Women's Services (abortion) clinic. Harmonic vibrations caused by rubbing the dragon, she is pictured applying this ritual on the City Beat website.

Feminist Purity Test
pro-choice test

Quote: According to the test, answering questions correctly will prove you are a “Pure” Feminist:

1). Do you say 'goddess' instead of 'god'?
2). Have you ever been called a witch or weird?
3). Can you list 3 female goddesses?
4). Was that ritual a pagan one?
5). Are you a lesbian?
6). Have you ever had a physical relationship with another woman?
7). Have you ever had a legal abortion?
8). Have you ever assisted a friend who needed an abortion?
9). Have you ever participated in clinic defense at an abortion clinic?

alleged abortion ritual victim
The Independent London, Satanic video 'shows art, not abuse': 2-23-1992

Quote: In a controversial satanic video a woman identified only as ''Jennifer'' claimed to have been a member of the group that made the video and said that she took part in ''rituals'' held in the same room. News reports indicate that she told in graphic detail how she was made to take part in the sacrifice of young children, including her own baby daughter. She said one scene from the video was the abortion of a five-month-old fetus that would be used in sacrificial rituals. Her account was contested by some that claimed the video did not show children and the house where it was filmed did not have a basement. Superintendent Michael Hames, head of the Obscene Publications Squad, said: ''It contains scenes of offenses of grievous bodily harm which are performed in a ritualistic fashion.'' He added that the statements by ''Jennifer'' amounted to an allegation of murder and the police wished to identify and interview her.

abortion clinic escort
Joe and Jezibell website

Quote: “Welcome to Joe and Jezibell (website) , a site of witchcraft, bellydancing, anthropology, music and assorted tidbits of art and spirituality!Zuchowski is a Wiccan elder with over twenty-five years of Craft experience, and the High Priest of the Pagan Way Grove and Kyklos ton Asterion Coven. He is also a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis. Joe has studied Wong Lao Teh Gar kung fu and also holds a black belt in the martial art of kajungdo. A political activist he has done abortion clinic defense and marched on Washington, " he states on his website.

Lewis H Koplik
University of Mexico, Lobo Daily: 11-5-1993 (1411)

Quote: In 1993, A New Mexico abortionist, Lewis H Koplik admitted to a wearing devil’s tail and a crimson horn at a demonstration, he claimed that he does not “personally believe in devils” but wore the costume to make a point.

Maxen Samuel
abortionist , NY
NY Newsday: Doctor Deception, How abortion 'con man' defied the law:5-2-1993

Quote: “He was very powerful and could cause my death, if he wished to do so, lighting candles, going into trances and be seemingly possessed by spirits . . . My husband would have friends and colleagues at our home to participate in these rituals," stated abortionist Samuel's ex-wife. Samuel was later arrested for violations of illegal dumping of bloody medical waste from one of his Queens clinics.

Patricia Baird-Windle
owner of the Aware Women’s Abortion clinic in Florida
Wren Walker (Chairperson - Witches' Voice)

Quote: Windle was accused by some of being a witch,The “Witch’s Voice” said this in her defense, “Patricia Baird-Windle has not declared herself as a Witch (although to quote a Seinfeld episode "Not that's there's anything WRONG with that!") She is in fact, known in the community in question as a Christian..Albeit a Christian tolerant of feminists, Witches and Women's Rights.”

Patricia Baird-Windle
abortion clinic owner
Florida Today, Abortion provider Patricia Baird-Windle reflects on her career, her choices, Interview by Pam Platt: 8-29-1999

Quote: "I no longer feel that way. I am now pro-abortion . I've come a long, long way. Like the average person at the time, I knew more about abortion because I had studied it. But it's one thing on the page, it's another thing when you're actually touching women and involved in their lives. I now consider abortion to be a major blessing, and to be a sacrament in the hands of women."

Peg Johnston
director of Southern Tier Women's Services (abortion clinic)
Ms. Magazine, Abortion under attack, August-September, 2001

Quote: Johnston "offers women a polished stone before the abortion, and describes Native American and Buddhist rituals to help the healing process. "I tell them, 'There is no Hallmark card for you, but it doesn't mean you can't honor your loss.'"

abortion clinic escort
as described on this website, Pagan passages, the circle dance of life:

Quote: “Dressed in black, complete with clerical collar and a large pentacle necklace, Ron was always ready to speak up for Pagan rights, whether in a custody battle or going head to head with reactionaries. He was enormously generous with his time, offering healing help whenever asked, networking the community, teaching neophytes and Third Degrees, leading rituals, and serving Pagan organizations. He was equally generous sharing his vast library with pagan scholars.”and “Ron also battled to defend a spectrum of rights and freedoms. He served as an abortion clinic escort when local clinics were being attacked by those he called the "anti-choice" movement.”

Young Pagan Essays:

Quote: “Only one moral tenet exists for Wicca, Harm None, the basis of the Wiccan Rede. The simplicity of the Rede embodies so much of the Craft's structure in that everything is open to personal interpretation. Thankfully, the Rede is not a commandment stating what one can and cannot do, but rather the gentle hand of the goddess nudging the Witch in the right direction. However, the goddess ultimately leaves the choice up to the Witch's personal discretion. With this characteristic freedom of choice that is found in the Wiccan Rede, it is easy to see why some Witches adopt the Pro-Choice view on abortion.” (letter written in: Pagans and Abortion: A Happy Balance).

abortion clinic volunteer
KW at

Quote: “Though I have not fulfilled my goal of performing late term abortions on demand and offering incentives for women to do so, I have since set more realistic and achievable goals in its place. Two days of every week, I volunteer my time and services to a local area abortion clinic in an administrative position, as well as coordinating appointments and at times escorting women inside who are terrified by the antichoice crosshugger movement. Now being an atheist, a nihilist, a humanist what-have-you, I unlike Christians use common sense and logic instead of relying on the church industry to program my thoughts. So I of course know that Jesus, if he even existed at all, was certainly not the son of a god that does not exist. He was either insane or mislead by a mother who lied to him to cover up her own promiscuity. But keeping with my belief in the power of spite, I have decided that the goal of my helping out my local area abortion provider should be to help in the woman who would be carrying the second coming of Christ (Christ v2.0) so that I might be one who helps abort Jesus. Now of course I know better. There is no such fetus nor will there ever be as there is no god, but that doesn't matter with spite. The knowledge alone that I do it with the hope of assisting in the termination of that one fetus is enough to satisfy my craving. :) Until next time. If I manage to terminate Jesus in his fetal form, I will party first and inform you afterwards. One must have priorities. Luv ya'. :) “

High Priestess
Ethics of abortion, a witch’s perspective, Volume 3, number 3, feminista

Quote: “As a Wiccan High Priestess, I asked myself, where should a Witch's ethics on abortion be grounded? My first approach was to consider the historical background of the Witch as an abortionist. Before the burning times women controlled their own medicine, and abortion was herbally induced. "The wise woman, or witch, had a host of remedies which had been tested in years of use. Many of the herbal remedies developed by witches still have their place in modern pharmacology," so we are told in _Witches, Midwives, and Nurses_ (pg 14). “

The New Moon Rising: Letters: responsibility begins at home

Quote: “Wicca and Paganism are earth religions…the responsibility for the Freedom of Choice (The abortion issue) has become more important among witches and pagans as they find themselves able to become more public, you can find Pagan-folk at the scene of ever major (pro-choice) demonstration…”

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