Abortionists and whistle blowers


An employee, former employee, or member of an organization who reports misconduct to
people or entities that have the power to take corrective action.


Abortion clinic employee fired, abuse cover-up

A former employee of abortionist Brian Finkel told police investigators investigating charges of sexual assault by Finkel that she did not come forward and report his alleged sexual abuse of patients because, "he fired me because he didn’t want me to say anything."

Clinic employees fired for reporting abortionist

In 1990 the Miami Herald interviewed former employees of the South Florida Today’s Women’s Medical Center abortion clinic.

The employees told the newspaper that they were fired when clinic owner Vladimar Rosenthal heard that they were on the phone complaining to the National Abortion Federation (NAF) about the conditions at the clinic. Rosenthal's clinic was reportedly a member of NAF at the time.

Employees told the Herald that Vladimar, the owner (a male doctor) and Hill, the male nurse anesthetists were often alone with the female patients. When the state inspected the clinic they found several revealing photographs of females in the possession of the male nurse at the clinic.

Employee, Denise Fong Choy told the Florida Department of Professional Regulations (case  # 89-010853) investigators that she was hired as a counselor at the South Dixie Highway clinic. She said she was fired after one and a half years of employment after becoming very concerned about the liabilities for doing certain procedures without licensed personnel in attendance.

She called the National Abortion Federation and was overheard by someone at the clinic. She claims that when Rosenthal found out about the call, he fired her.

Neat Rodriguez was also an employee of Rosenthal's at the Today's Women abortion clinic.  She was NOT a high school graduate and had been hired by Rosenthal to in her words, "do everything" at the clinic.

She was also overheard complaining to the National Abortion Federation about Rosenthal and she claims that is why he fired her as well.

Abortion employee, harassed until she quit

A clinic worker in Illinois testified ( Case # 92-L50928, 4627) that the managing director at the abortion clinic where she worked harassed her until she quit.

She states, "That you always knew when he was mad at you. Verbally the language and the things, the names people were called, it was a constant thing there…calling a woman a whore was not beyond this man. He always talked about short skirts and the girls’ legs."

She claimed he would get angry with her because she was "Involved with the owner of the clinic."

She stated that he wanted to "make them quit, so they wouldn’t have to pay them unemployment insurance."

The case went before an employment referee, who ruled in the employee's favor.

Abortion staff, fired if pregnant

According to the Kansas City Pitch Weekly (Mm, Mm Good, Startling allegations ...6/16/2005), one employee of Kansas abortionist Krishna Rajanna told reporters that Rajanna threatened to fire her because she was pregnant.

She told reporters that Rajanna said that he could, "not have a pregnant woman working at an abortion clinic."

Photo: Operation Rescue

Fired abortion employee speaks out

The former administrator of a Nebraska abortion clinic claimed she was fired when she threatened to report the "questionable" actions of the clinic’s abortionist to health authorities, according to the July 26,1991 Omaha World-Herald article.

In the article entitled, Fired Clinic leader sues; doctor says “sour grapes”, the administrator claimed that the abortion doctor of the clinic talked on the phone while performing abortions, fell asleep while giving anesthesia to patients, and botched at least two abortions.

The abortionist denied the charges and said she was reacting out of "sour grapes" because he had fired her.

 She claimed that in 1989, the abortionist "left a patient on a surgery table and went outside the clinic and threw rocks at the windows of the room the patient occupied."

Wife threatened with gun by abortionist

In a NY Newsday article, the wife of a New York abortionist who was arrested following serious health violation, claimed that her husband and abortion doctor, Maxen Samuel , had threatened her relatives with a gun and boasted that he had killed someone, after he found out that she was going to testify against him for the conditions at his abortion clinic.

The state claimed that Samuel performed abortions without a medical license at over eight legal abortion clinics. They also claimed that Samuel performed abortions on women that were not pregnant.

Samuel's wife testified that the abortionist burned her genital area with a cigarette and threatened to kill her, when she confronted Samuel about the procedures on women who were not pregnant.

She told the court that abortion doctor Samuel said, "The way you practice medicine at Downstate [where she did her residency], is not exactly the way you do it on the street."

Abortion worker quits after accusation

The Arizona Republic (History of trouble at clinics abortion centers accumulate record of 6 deaths,28 suits: 1/17/1999) reported that Martha Hopkins, a former business manager for a San Antonio clinic, owned by abortion doctor Moshe Hachamovitch was reported to have told Texas investigators that "conditions were filthy and that the records were in very poor order."

Hachamovitch, was brought before the New York Board of Professional Misconduct and Physician Discipline, after a patient died following an abortion he performed on her, and for other charges relating to care and record keeping. The state of Pennsylvania suspended his license in 2003.

In 2004, the Arizona Medical Board revoked his license for unprofessional conduct, (conduct the Board determines is gross negligence; knowingly making false/fraudulent statements to Board; failing/refusing to maintain adequate records). A motion to rehear the case was denied on April of 2004.

The paper also reported that she was pressured by Hachamovitch to do more of the high-cost, late second-trimester abortions, and that she quit after three months when he implied that she was stealing from the business.

To read the New York findings click here

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Fired for questioning billing practices

According to the Boston Globe's article, Agency takes in millions in morning-after pill sales  (09/03/2003), the former employee of Planned Parenthood's Los Angeles affiliate,  P. Victor Gonzalez, sought $1.2 million in damages, alleging he was fired after questioning ''unlawful, unfair, and unethical"  billing practices.

The globe stated that, during Gonzalez's tenure, Planned Parenthood's mark-ups for contraceptives were questioned by the state of California's Department of Health Services, which conducted an audit.

The paper noted that E-mail provided by Gonzalez as part of the suit indicates the Los Angeles affiliate paid as little as $1 for oral contraceptives, yet billed the state up to $48, amassing about $4 million in revenue per year. 

PP upset with clinic owner's statement

According to the Dallas Morning News, (Abortion rights activist resigns as clinic director; Taft cites differences with Routh Street owner, 2/2/1995 ), a Planned Parenthood of Dallas and Northeast Texas employee told the press they were not going to refer abortion patients to abortion clinic owner Charlotte Taft because she stated:

"We were hiding . . . some pieces of the truth about abortion that were threatening," Taft said at that time. Abortion "is a kind of killing, and most women seeking abortion know that."

The Dallas Morning News article reported that Taft's philosophy led one major Dallas organization, Planned Parenthood of Dallas and Northeast Texas, to stop referring women to the clinic for abortions.

Though the group's president, Jim Roderick, acknowledged the leadership Ms. Taft had provided to abortion rights supporters in Dallas he added,  "I took great exception to statements about the pro-choice community not being completely honest with women. We did have great philosophical differences with her, not only in the statements she made . . . but with some of the changes in how they went about serving clients we were referring to them."

Referrals from his agency were estimated at about 15 percent of Routh Street's clients, he told the paper. Mr. Roderick said the practices at Routh Street were a factor, although not the main one, in his agency's decision to begin directly providing abortion services in addition to making referrals.

On November 2, 2006, The Dallas Observer ran a story entitled, Charlotte's Web,  that reported that although Charlotte Taft never owned the Routh Street Women's Clinic, for 17 years she treated it as though it were her own. Then, on January 30, 1995, Taft surprised Dallas by resigning.

"It is not possible for me to continue," she told the Dallas Morning News. "The owner and I have had some philosophical differences we have not been able to reconcile."

The Dallas Observer states that Taft refused to elaborate on the exact nature of those difficulties, but they speculated with these comments, "Did Taft resign voluntarily or was she forced out?"

The paper noted how Taft made some highly inflammatory remarks about the pro-choice movement in the local press, saying that the movement hadn't been honest with women. She even called abortion "a kind of killing."

The paper asked, "Had Taft played right into the hands of anti-abortion zealots, adopting their very language as her own? Had she so betrayed the pro-choice community that she had to be sacrificed for the sake of the movement?"

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