Abortions on non-pregnant women

 "I have met thousands and thousands of pro-choice men and women. I have never met anyone who is pro-abortion. Being pro-choice is not being pro-abortion. Being pro-choice is trusting the individual to make the right decision for herself and her family, and not entrusting that decision to anyone wearing the authority of government in any regard."
First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton
Remarks at NARAL Anniversary Luncheon
Washington, D.C.
January 22, 1999

"The first decision that must be made is whether the operation require the patient to be pregnant...By claiming to "extract" the menses, practitioners make the diagnosis of pregnancy irrelevant and somehow justify the performance of abortion on non-pregnant women, as well as women in whom the pregnancy is to early to detect by early hormonal assay. This serves both the patient and the physician badly for a variety of reasons. "

 Abortionist Warren Hern
Abortion Practice
(pg 177-178)


5 out of 10 patients had no record tests

Pregnancy test results were not recorded in five of ten abortion patient records examined at the Miami International Aesthetic Center , a South Florida abortion clinic abortion clinic. PR Newswire Association, (Florida department of HRS closes Fourth abortion clinic: 10/13/1989), reported this after state inspectors performed an unannounced inspection of the facility. Inspectors concluded that there was no indication that half these patients who received abortions were, in fact, pregnant when they received the abortions.

Abortion Clinic: NO BABY BODY PARTS Found

On the website, one Illinois abortion patient writes,

"After my abortion, I tried to get past what I went through, but 2 weeks later I got a letter from the clinic telling me to come back, but they didn't say why. I was a nursing student and something told me that was not right. I went back for an ultrasound and they still would not tell me why, but I soon got some clues. I requested my medical records and looked at the pathology report.

On my report no baby parts were found! Nothing, nada. Then I called the clinic and asked what this meant, and why were there no parts & I wanted to know just what the hell they did to me. The more I preyed, the more they denied.

I began to feel crazy, and I put it out of my mind. I asked my OB-GYN to review my record from the clinic. He told me I had a blighted ovum. I was Devastated and relieved at the same time. What it meant was I hadn't killed my baby, but, I should have had a D&C and the abortion clinic did not tell me this because they missed it due to the abortionist DID NOT READ MY ULTRASOUND. Is that good, quality, professional medical care? I think not."

Reporter proves there was never a baby

According to the Chicago Sun-Times article News makers; The Sun-Times did more than just report: 2/15/1998 they reflected on what is was like to work with reporters such as investigative reporter Pam Zekman.

The paper reported the story of a reporter who worked with Zekman and went undercover as an employee in an Illinois abortion clinic. The two revealed that some doctors in the Chicago area performed abortions without anesthetic, performed illegal medical procedures and sold abortions to women who weren't even pregnant.

According to the November /December 1998 issue of Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc. (The IRE Journal Undercover reporting: A Zekman trademark) the 1979 Chicago Sun-Times series "Abortion Profiteers" exposed how women at Chicago clinics died from bungled abortions, including some patients who weren't even pregnant.

To crack the story, Zekman says she had no alternative but to send in her team undercover. The tipsters-two nurses working at the abortion clinics in question -would not go on record, fearing getting blackballed in the medical field. So Zekman tried proving the allegations through lawsuits, but there was a problem: Most of the victims were unaware they had received unnecessary abortions, so there was nothing on the public record.

Zekman considered using what journalists universally agree is one of the least deceptive forms of undercover reporting, going undercover as customers. "It worked to a degree, but it took us only part of the way as we discovered when we did the research."

Women not pregnant

In a sworn affidavit taken October 22,1992, (0016-pg 7) abortion clinic employee Sheri McDaniel the former employee of Kansas abortionist William Malcolm Knarr stated:

"The pathology reports were known sometimes to come back saying, "No products of conception.’ The women were never told about the pathology reports. The woman thought she had received an abortion procedure and she would never find out. I know of at least two individuals whom Knarr knew were not pregnant and he went ahead and did an abortion procedure, charged them for the abortion procedure, and treated it as a termination of a pregnancy."

Women given abortion, no pregnancy

A legislative analysis report on Michigan's House Bill 4446 Informed Consent bill, sponsored by Rep. David Robertson, (Committee: Health Policy First Analysis: 5-11-05), which would require physicians to perform an ultrasound on a patient before performing an abortion states in part that, "some abortion clinics perform abortions on the basis of the results of a urine test alone. These tests can give false positives. There is anecdotal testimony to suggest that women, in some circumstances, have been given an abortion when there was no pregnancy. Requiring an ultrasound will give additional verification that the woman is pregnant and protect the health of a woman by ensuring she is not given an unnecessary procedure. Michigan House Legislative Analysis informed consent law require ultrasound."

Abortionist cited by state

The Abortion Report, (Nevada clinic closes after various problems: 12/13/1995 and Nevada doctor prohibited from performing abortions:12/7/1995) reported that Nevada abortionist Algis Martell was prohibited from doing abortions by the state Board of Medical Examiners because of complaints that he had "misjudged women's pregnancies and performed abortion procedures on women who weren't pregnant".

Martell agreed to stop performing abortions. The Board of Medical Examiners filed the complaint against Martell alleging that he "failed to correctly read ultrasounds of women" who went to A Lady's Needs Gynecological clinic for abortions. In one case, he misread a ovarian cyst as a pregnancy.

The state Health Division was considering closing the clinic's lab because it lacked a state laboratory license and had quality control problems. The Board ordered that Martell's license to practice medicine in the state of Nevada be revoked, the revocation was stayed and he was placed on probation for 5 years, and he was ordered not perform any pregnancy termination which the gestation has progressed beyond 14 weeks.

The Investigative Committee of the Board later filed a formal complaint and a petition for lift of stay of revocation of license against Martell alleging repeated malpractice, performing services which he knows he is not competent to perform, continual failure, and violating his probation and terms of the probation.

The Medical Board of Nevada outlined Martell's case:

JUNE 15, 1994
The Investigative Committee of the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners filed a formal complaint against Dr. Martell alleging gross malpractice, termination of pregnancy.

The Board ordered that Dr. Martell's license to practice medicine in the state of Nevada be revoked, the revocation was stayed and he was placed on probation for 5 years, he shall not perform any pregnancy termination which the gestation has progressed beyond 14 weeks, shall perform an ultrasound on every patient for whom he terminates a pregnancy, must complete 20 hours of CME Category I AMA in Obgyn and pregnancy terminations, shall provide medical records for review by the Board, shall reimburse the Board for investigative costs, receive a public written reprimand, and pay a $4,000 fine.

JULY 31, 1995
The Investigative Committee of the Board filed a formal complaint and a petition for lift of stay of revocation of license against Dr. Martell alleging repeated malpractice, performing services which he knows he is not competent to perform, continual failure, and violating his probation and terms of the probation.

DECEMBER 2, 1995
The Board entered into a Stipulation for Settlement with Dr. Martell and ordered that his license be restricted and he is prohibited from engaging in or performing any procedure whatsoever for termination of pregnancy.

NOVEMBER 20, 1996
The Investigative Committee of the Board filed a formal complaint and an Application for Summary Suspension of License to Practice Medicine against Dr. Martell alleging that he was engaging in conduct which the board has determined is a violation of the standards of practice by prescribing appetite suppressants,and failure to provide adequate supervision of a medical assistant.

NOVEMBER 20, 1996
The Board filed an Order of Summary Suspension of License against Dr. Martell. His license was summarily suspended pending a hearing of the Complaint filed on 11/20/96.

DECEMBER 2, 1996
Dr. Martell entered into a Stipulation for Settlement with the Board, and the Board accepted Dr. Martell's irrevocable voluntary surrender of his license to practice medicine in the state of Nevada while under investigation.

The Laboratory Registry, lists laboratories that fail to comply with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) making it necessary for the Health Care Financing Administration to take adverse action against them.

On March 5,1996, they suspended the CLIA certificate for A Lady's Needs abortion clinic in Los Vegas, operated by Martell, and cancelled any approval to receive Medicare payment for all laboratory services. On September 24, 1996 they issued a revocation.

The reason given for the revocation was, "failure to correct condition-level deficiencies cited by the State Agency during a survey to investigate a complaint that laboratory was giving incorrect negative readings on urine pregnancy tests."

Abortionist swindles non-pregnant women for cash

NY Newsday, (Doctor Deception; How abortion 'con man' defied the law: 5/2/1993) reported that authorities found that New York abortionist Maxen Samuel, routinely performed abortion on women who weren't pregnant and used general anesthesia without checking whether patients had consumed food or liquid within six hours.

News reports state that Samuel's clinic routinely put out coffee, cookies, and even wine in the waiting room without warning patients they were to be consumed only after abortions.

In at least one case, a patient vomited while under anesthesia because she had eaten prior to being anesthetized.

The clinic was run by Samuel and his wife Comeau who reportedly failed to give patients internal examinations or take their medical history for adverse reactions, prior to the abortions.

Samuel’s wife testified that, to make more money, they told most of the unsuspecting patients at the clinic that they were pregnant, then, Comeau or Samuel would administer general anesthesia and perform a bogus abortion or simply tell patients they had done the procedure after they woke, and collect the cash. In 1985, the couple was arrested after they offered to perform abortions on two undercover agents from the Brooklyn District Attorney's office. Before they entered the operating room, both agents were told their urine had tested positive, although neither was pregnant.

One agent had submitted the urine of a 65-year-old grandmother.

Undercover reporter, abortions on non-pregnant

Journalist Veronica Guerin posted the June 30, 1997article, In the line of fire. She reports that former reporter for The Wall Street Journal, Heidi Evans, wrote this,

"I'd done my share of risky stories in New York--like going undercover and pretending I was a patient to expose a sleazy businessman and doctor who were performing "abortions" on poor women who were falsely told they were pregnant."

Abortion doc arrested: busted by undercover cop

In 1984, Virginia abortion doctor Chris Simpoulous of the American Women's (abortion) Clinic in Norfolk, Virginia appeared in court accused of scheduling dozens of women for abortions who were not pregnant.

According to a September 24,1984  Washington Post article: Simopoulos Sells Abortion Clinic Here; Doctor Faces Hearing Today in Norfolk Court, his abortion clinic was listed more than a half-dozen times under various names in the Northern Virginia Yellow Pages, advertising "low cost abortions."

The article states that Simopoulos, was charged with two felonies linked to his Norfolk abortion clinic. He first was arrested July 25 as he allegedly prepared to perform an abortion procedure on an undercover policewoman who police said had falsely been told by Simopoulos that she was pregnant. At least four policewomen had urine tests at the clinic, and three were told they were pregnant, said Capt. W.A. Williamson of the police vice and narcotics squad.

The Associated Press (AP), reported on July 27,1984 that one of the policewomen returned to Simopoulos' abortion clinic for a physical examination and an abortion. They said that as Simopoulos prepared to perform the procedure, the officer stopped him, called another officer from the lobby and arrested the doctor, according to police.

AP also said that sixteen women from The National Organization for Women (NOW) and the newspapers got free pregnancy tests at the clinic, and 14 were told they were pregnant, although examinations elsewhere showed they were not. Among those told they were pregnant were a woman who was surgically sterilized two years ago and another who substituted a man's urine for her own in the pregnancy test. NOW told the AP that they became suspicious when the clinic sought to take out an advertisement in a newsletter last fall but failed to satisfactorily answer questions, said spokeswoman Susan Fincke. The investigation was begun in May when the group heard repeated rumors of problems at the clinic, NOW said.

On Sept. 5, Simopoulos and Dr. Parviz Modaber, a Culpeper physician were charged with performing an illegal abortion. On September 6,1984, The Washington Post reported in the article: 2 Va. Doctors Indicted In Illegal Abortion Case, that Simopoulos was charged with performing an illegal abortion on a 28-year-old on Jan. 11, and Modaber, who also worked at the clinic, was charged with performing such an abortion on a 15-year-old on June 30, according to James O. Broccoletti, assistant commonwealth's attorney for Norfolk. The arrest followed an investigation during which more than a dozen women allegedly had been given false pregnancy tests at the clinic, authorities said.

Simopoulos, was convicted four years prior in Fairfax Circuit Court of performing an illegal abortion on a 17-year-old Woodbridge girl, who was 5 1/2 months pregnant. The girl left the clinic and went into labor and aborted a male fetus in a Springfield motel room after a saline abortion by Simopoulos according to a June 20,1982 article in the Washington Post, The Doctor, the Law And a Landmark Case.

The girl, then left the aborted fetus in a trash can at the Motel.Fairfax County police tracked down the girl, who led them to Simopoulos. On a weekday morning in late November 1979, with several women patients looking on, police sealed off the two-story, red-brick American Women's Clinic on Broad Street and led Simopoulos away in handcuffs.

After his conviction, Simopoulos' license was revoked by state medical authorities. It was restored briefly during an appeal of the revocation, then revoked again, then restored again on condition he perform no abortions for two years.

Simopoulos received a two-year prison sentence for his 1980 conviction. All but 30 days of that sentence were suspended and his medical license was revoked. It later was restored along with privileges at several Northern Virginia hospitals. He fought the conviction all the way to the Supreme Court, which upheld his conviction.

At the time of the investigation, Simopoulos was licensed in the District of Columbia and Maine, and was rejected by Maryland because of his 1980 conviction.

Simopoulos was also named in a $1 million malpractice suit filed in March of 1984 in Fairfax Circuit Court by a woman charging Simopoulos with negligence during two gynecological procedures in 1982 that allegedly left her infertile. The woman has filed a separate $250,000 damage suit against Simopoulos, charging him with assault and battery for allegedly performing surgery on her against her will.

On July 28,1984, The New York Times reported that an executive committee of the state Board of Medicine suspended the license of abortionist Chris Simopoulos.

The potential for abuse by abortion clinics

On July 28, 1984, The Washington Post reported in their article,Va. Suspends License of Doctor in Fake-Abortion Case, that national pregnancy planning groups said a Norfolk Virginia case of an abortion clinic performing abortions on non-pregnant women is similar to one in Chicago several years ago in which criminal charges were filed after an investigation by The Chicago Sun-Times uncovered unnecessary abortion procedures and other questionable practices at several medical clinics.

"The potential for abuse is there," said Norman E. Levine, executive director of Chicago's Planned Parenthood organization. After the newspaper expose, Planned Parenthood said they established a formal evaluation process to screen abortion clinics seeking referrals from the organization's counselors.

"Obviously, no one knows exactly how much of abuse there is. But there are people out there who want to take advantage of women with this problem," Levine said.

Male urine shows pregnant at abortion clinics

In his book, Give Me a Break: How I Exposed Hucksters, Cheats, and Scam Artists and Became the Scourge of the Liberal Media, journalist John Stossel writes:

"I had heard some (abortion) doctors were so greedy they'd perform abortions on women who weren't pregnant. In the era before home pregnancy tests, crooked doctors could take advantage of women whose periods were late. They would simply test the woman's urine, tell them they were pregnant, and pretend to give them abortions. . . . I sent two female researchers to six abortion doctors with samples of my urine. Two of the six clinics told the women they were pregnant and tried to abort them. They only escaped by jumping off the tables and shouting, "No! I've changed my mind!"  We got the conversations on tape and broadcast them. Both doctors closed their clinics and disappeared."

Journalist sends male urine to abortionist

Washington Monthly, a publication providing coverage and analysis of politics, reported that journalist Mark Feldstein of WDVM-TV Channel 9 aired a graphic 1984 series on the abortion clinic of Yugoslavian abortionist  Milan Vuitch, in their January 1989 publication, The worst city government in America; Washington, D.C.

According to the Washington Monthly, Feldstein sent a woman co-worker into the abortion clinic with a vial of his urine. The clinic told her she was pregnant and suggested an abortion.

In addition, Feldstein, included the stories of two women who died on Vuitch's table, and another who said Vuitch operated without anesthesia.

According to the series, abortionist Vuitch admitted to Feldstein that he sent a woman home after half an abortion and told her to return the next day with an additional $ 400. She collapsed. Though Vuitch insisted she stay away from a hospital, she finally made it to an emergency room and gave birth to a dying fetus. She was 17 years old and six months pregnant.

Asked about the woman who said Vuitch had denied her anesthesia, Vuitch answered, "German-origin girl. Very pushy. . .in the old country. . .we never used general anesthesia for abortion. But American woman is sensitive. . .doesn't want to have memories of the surgery.'"

Reed Publishing printed an August 26,1985 article on journalism called, Broadcasting, where they said that the work of Feldstein won his station the prestigious George Foster Peabody award. The investigation began with confidential memos the station secured from the District government, which cited repeated health and safety violations.

Despite repeated complaints and a number of malpractice suits filed by patients against the abortionist, the clinic's license had been renewed by District officials until 1982. Since then, it had been operating without a license.

As part of the investigation, a station staffer went to the abortion clinic for a pregnancy test and abortion counseling. The woman was told her test was positive and she could come in for an abortion that afternoon. The urine sample submitted, however, was that of a man.   

Feldstein confronted state inspectors regarding the conditions at Vuitch's abortion clinic and reported that they said they wouldn't renew the clinic's lapsed license for 1983-a nice gesture, Washington Monthly noted,  except that it was November, 1984. Vuitch was still operating at the time of the broadcast, and it took the subsequent public clamor to close him down. Within three weeks after the three-part series was aired, the District government closed the clinic and filed criminal charges against the doctor.

The Washington Monthly reported that City files bulged with violations dating back at least to 1980.

The abortion clinic was sited for:

    * instruments "in need of cleaning"
    * "lab specimens. . .refrigerated with food" (1980);
    * patients illegally taken home overnight, use of expired drugs (1981);
    * unlicensed drug distribution and surgical instruments mixed with clean ones (1982);
    * a patient sent home with red urine and a catheter inside her (1982);
    * anesthesia "not freshly prepared and yellowish in color" (1983).

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