Abortion clinic licensing

Abortion must be performed by licensed physicians or licensed / certified / registered mid-level clinicians trained in the provision of abortion care, in accordance with state law.  All personnel performing abortions must receive training in the performance of abortions and in the prevention, recognition and management of complications.

2006 National Abortion Federation, Clinical Policy Guidelines


"I would spend my days and nights taking care of complications from (Illegal) abortions that had taken place in nonmedical facilities, After Roe, that disappeared overnight."

- Anonymous abortionist
The Baltimore Sun, Abortion gets wide protection in Md. law

The abortion industry claims that unlicensed clinics no longer operate

Judge for yourself!



Cease-and-desist order issued for abortion clinic

In 2005, the Family Planning Medical Center was investigated for operating illegally, according to a December 2, 2005 article, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Family planning clinic shut down amid probe. The state Department of Health Services issued a cease-and-desist order to the clinic, in the 1530 block of West Merced Avenue, said Norma Arceo, spokeswoman for the department.

Norma Arceo, spokeswoman for the California state department of health said this, "We did a cease-and-desist order to Win Management (management company for the clinic) for illegally operating a clinic the doors are in fact closed."

The state charged the clinic had been operating illegally because it did not have a license, which was required by state law if it is not run by a physician.


Practicing abortion without a license

On February 1, 2002 the LA Times reported that health and law enforcement officials shut down what they called an unlicensed abortion clinic in West Hollywood called Centro Medico Para La Mujer, in the article, Unlicensed Abortion Clinic Closed.

They also investigated whether the owner, Edgar Ruiz was practicing medicine without a license.

Abortion doc wanted to avoid licensing

Affidavits from former employees regarding abortionist Joseph Booker all include a statement that Booker falsified medical records, destroyed clinic appointment books and sign-in sheets, and accepted only cash or money orders from patients.

One employee Dona Hogan reportedly stated, "As a result of the Health Department's first inspection, Dr. Booker instructed me not to classify the patients as abortion or gynecology when they made appointments. He stated that he was concerned that the Health Department would classify the Clinic as an abortion facility. He said that he would not report to the Health Department all the abortions actually performed so that the Clinic would not be so classified. "

In a second employee’s affidavit, Amy states, "Dr. Booker routinely reported less than 50% of the abortions performed at the clinic to the Mississippi Health Department, Office of Vital Statistics."

National Legal Center for the Medically Dependent & Disabled
Transcripts from the 1999 Issues in Law & Medicine:
Report of Peter R. Uhlenberg, Ph.D; Ph.D; 3-22-1999
(filed in Civil Action No. 6-94-374-W4, State of Mississippi)

Tennessee abortion clinic closed, no license

On July 3,1999,The Tennessean article, Problems keep women’s center closed, reported that in the summer of 1999, The Women's Center abortion clinic in Nashville, was closed because it doesn't have a valid state license.

Davidson County Chancellor, Irvin Kilcrease,  issued an injunction against the center at 419 Welshwood Ave., which cannot operate as an ambulatory surgical treatment center without a certificate of need or license.

Man arrested, performed abortions in his home

On June 17, 1999 Anchorage Daily News reported in the article,  Man ties to failed abortion, Glennallen suspect charged with felony,  reported that suspect Friedrich Schepp was arrested for allegedly performing an abortion on a woman in his home.

Schepp had medical instruments and said he received his training overseas, he was not licensed in Alaska to perform abortions.

Closed clinic, dispensing drugs without a doctor

Source: Montgomery Advisor: Abortion clinic closed: 5-19-2006/

In May of 2006, State Health Officials used an "emergency order" to close the Summit Medical (abortion) Center in Birmingham after the clinic was found dispensing RU-486 without a doctor. News reports indicate that a staff member of the abortion clinic gave a patient RU-486, which, is supposed to be administered only by doctors.

State inspectors claim that the consent form entitled, "Notice to all patients" which, they required the patient to sign clearly stated that the abortion would be performed by a licensed physician. The patient was told during the examination that she was only six weeks pregnant. Six after receiving abortion pills at Summit the woman was rushed to the emergency room of the Birmingham hospital with the head of a baby protruding. While at the hospital the woman delivered a stillborn, macerated, six-pound four-ounce baby. The Baby was well beyond the six-week estimate the clinic issued. State health officer, Dr. Donald Williamson "It was nearly full term."

Once state health officials were notified, they found that Summit's records falsely indicated that abortion clinic’s doctor performed the ultrasound and provided the abortion. Investigators contacted the abortionist, Deborah Lyn Levich who admitted that she was not even present at the clinic the day the abortion drug was administered.

In addition, a state report indicates that no physician was present at the abortion clinic that day. It was also revealed that no clinic doctor was informed that the abortion patient's blood pressure had become dangerously elevated while still at the abortion clinic, because the abortionist was not there when her blood pressure was taken and the abortion pills were administered. The patient was subsequently never instructed about the dangers of her condition, nor advised to seek additional medical help.

Another patient of Summit told the Birmingham News that - she "felt sick", when she heard the story because she was still was running a fever and having complications from a May 4 surgical abortion at Summit and had just made a follow-up appointment. "I was scared for my life, I was at a loss for words. It was crazy. I don't think they should be allowed to reopen. That's dealing with someone's life. If they can't do it right, they don't need to even be open."

News reports stated that the State board banned Summit’s abortion doctor, Deborah Lyn Levich and nurse practitioner Janet F. Onthank King from working together and accused Levich of allowing her nurse practitioner to prescribe drugs and render services for which she was not approved. Inspection reports by the state revealed that 4 of 10 sampled patients who received medications for medical abortions at Summit did not have the physician present in the facility at the time the medication was dispensed or administered. They also found that in 1 of 5 abortions performed, the doctor failed to remain at the abortion clinic until all the patients were ready for discharge.

Photo: Operation Rescue

On December 8,2006, Alabama's Attorney General Troy King announced the arrest of Janet Onthank King, the former administrator of Summit abortion clinic. According to the Attorney General, King, 58, of Birmingham, is charged with illegally performing abortions at the clinic. Ms. King surrendered to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and was released on a bond of $1000 for each of three indictments.

The Attorney General's Office presented evidence to a Jefferson County grand jury on November 15, resulting in three indictments* returned against Ms. King on November 17.

A press release issued by the attorney general, said abortionist King is charged in two separate indictments with two instances of knowingly or recklessly performing abortions as a non-physician, in violation of Code of Alabama Section 26-23A-3(7). A third indictment charges Ms. King with falsifying business records of Summit Medical Center in violation of Section 13A-9-45, by making false entries into equipment sterilization reports that are required to be kept under Alabama Administrative Code Chapter 420-5-1-.03(7).

The indictments of Ms. King are the result of a joint investigation by Attorney General King's Office, the Alabama Department of Public Health, and the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners.

If convicted, the maximum penalty Ms. King will face is up to six months imprisonment and a fine of up to $1,000 for each count of her alleged crimes, which are class B misdemeanors.

State Board of Health for the State of Alabama: Emergency Order of License of Suspension 5-17-2006
Birmingham News, Clinic's closing renews debate, Summit patients dismayed by care received 5-21-2006
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Alabama Department of Health state survey 5-12-2006

Abortion clinic cited, unlicensed staff

On May 21, 2006 The Birmingham News reported in an article entitled, Clinic's closing renews debate: Summit patients dismayed by care received, that the New Woman All Women Health Care abortion clinic in Alabama was cited in 2004 by the state inspectors for allowing nonlicensed staff to counsel women and for not meeting some administrative requirements.


Medical assistant posed as abortion doc at clinic

In 199,1 the State of California revoked the license of Miguel H. Gomez. According to the Physician’s Assistant Examining Committee's Division of allied health professions-Medical Board of California case # D-4430.

The allegations arose from an abortion a patient received at the La Clinica Eva abortion clinic on Broadway in Los Angeles.

Gomez who was only a medical assistant at the time, posed as a doctor and agreed to perform the abortion. He failed to take appropriate medical history including the date of the patient’s last menstrual period. He incorrectly estimated the baby to be about 17 weeks gestation and began the abortion procedure with no licensed doctor in the room or in the clinic.

During the procedure, the left arm of the fetus was avulsed by the suction technique and the abortion was stopped. The woman was later taken to the emergency room where it was determined that the baby was actually 31 weeks-almost full term.

The aborted baby died at the hospital.

On June 12, 1996, City News Service reported in an article appropriately titled, Bogus Doctor, Gomez was arrested for raping his patients before performing abortions on them. Gomez was indicted on two counts of rape of an unconscious person and rape by use of drugs; and one count of sodomy of an unconscious person, unlawful practice of medicine with serious injury, unlawful representation as a physician, sexual battery by restraint, and anal and genital penetration by a foreign object.

Abortion clinic owner practicing without license

The Los Angeles Times reported that health and law enforcement officials investigated whether the owner of Centro Medico Para La Mujer, Edgar Ruiz, practiced medicine without a license.

According to the Times' February 1, 2002 article, Unlicensed Abortion Clinic Closed, an undercover sheriff's deputy  visited the clinic posing as a patient, and abortionist Ruiz allegedly offered to perform a pelvic exam on her.

Ruiz allegedly charged $200 in cash for abortions and told authorities he does not hold a medical license in this country.

The Times reported that authorities arrested Ruiz and seized hundreds of patient files and padlocked the clinic.

Phony abortion doctors arrested in California

Unlicensed medical practitioners thrived in California immigrant neighborhoods, was the title of a May 3,1998 article printed in The St. Louis Post-Dispatch in which they reported that California state investigators arrested several "phony abortion doctors" inside legal abortion clinics by setting up undercover operations.

The April 12,1998 Orange County Register's article on the same story was entitled, Unlicensed physicians common in southern California.

The Orange Country Register reported that state investigators arrested several impersonators of doctors by setting up undercover operations. Among the many sting operations they busted was a father-son team handing out abortion-inducing medications in Orange County and a Mexican doctor who performed exams in a storefront in Westminster.

Clinic owner operating without a medical license

The Los Angeles Times reported that clinic owner Gamaliel Moreno was accused of operating without a medical license. Moreno, an immigrant to the U.S., set-up the bogus clinic offering lower cost care to mainly Hispanic patients.

Following the death of a little boy under the fake doctor's care, Moreno fled the country. Several patients came forward to describe the substandard care they received, shocked to discover that Moreno was not a licensed doctor.

California investigators explained that storefront clinics are often difficult to regulate. They said they do not enter the privately owned clinics unless there is a formal complaint issued.

According to the April 29, 1998 article entitled, Baby’s death prompts call for examination of private clinics, Moreno used to operate Clinica Mexico Latina abortion clinic which, the new occupant said that Moreno's patients are still coming around.

Francisco Gomez, administrator at Clinica Medica Latino-Americana, said Moreno's old "patients" still come looking for him. "People come around all the time looking for him and asking us for services, like abortions, that we don't offer. . . . There are other weird services they ask for."

Tom Marty, a Santa Ana police investigator, said a manslaughter warrant is out for Gamaliel Moreno. He has fled to Mexico, Marty said.

Abortionist, arrested

Source: LA Times: O.C. doctor investigated in abortion death: 12-15-1994/ NY Board of professional conduct, Final order: BPMC 92-89
Abortionist Suresh Gandotra was investigated after he reportedly cut the uterus of his abortion patient during an abortion, causing her to bleed to death. He was convicted in Orange County Superior Court and served time in jail for:
  • Grand theft
  • Medi-Cal fraud
  • Giving drugs to patients without proper authorization and
  • Aiding the unlicensed practice of medicine in the forgery of a prescription

In November of 1991, the Department of Health and Human Services of  The Inspector General's Office, filed a case (Docket No. C-376) which, accused Gandotra of allowing an unlicensed person to forge his signature on prescription pads.

Ricardo Santos, was hired by Dr. Suresh Gandotra to work as a medical assistant at Dr. Gandotra's medical clinic, Coast Urgent Clinic.

Gandotra instructed Petitioner to sign Dr. Gandotra's name on prescriptions that Santos provided to patients under his care at the Clinic.

On March 4, 1988, two undercover agents from the Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud entered the clinic posing as Medi-Cal patients. Santos proceeded to provide medical treatment to them, including the provision of prescriptions for each of the "patients" forging Gandotra's signature on the prescriptions.

The Clinic prepared forms to bill Medi-Cal for the treatment, but before forms or the prescriptions could be
processed, they were seized as evidence for use in the subsequent criminal proceeding.

On August 9, 1989, Santos entered a plea of nolo contendere to two misdemeanor counts of prescription forgery and was sentenced to two years' probation, a $1,500 fine.  Gandotra, was found guilty of all counts of the criminal information in a jury trial and sentenced to 16 months in a State prison and fined $347,800.

Clinic owner stuffs dead women into car trunk

In Orange County, California a jury convicted the owner of an abortion clinic Alicia Ruiz-Hanna of second-degree murder.

Angela Nieto Sanchez died January 19, 1993, after Hanna injected her with an unknown drug intended to abort her one-month-old unborn baby. Sanchez immediately suffered seizures and died as two of her children, Maria, 12, and Martin, 3, waited for their mother in another room.

The unsuspecting patient came to this legal abortion clinic expecting a "safe" procedure. Once Hanna realized that the abortion had taken a fatal turn, she told the children their mother had gone home without them and that their mom wanted them to drive themselves home. The woman’s daughter was suspicious since she knew her mom would never permit her to drive because she was 12 years old. The children called a relative, who came and picked them up.

The clinic’s receptionist, Irasema Mendoza , testified that as soon as Hanna started giving the abortion patient the anesthesia, the lady started to foam from the mouth and her body started to turn blue,

"I told her to call the paramedics," said receptionist Irasema

"I took the phone to call the paramedics but Alicia grabbed it away from me and hung up. She told me not to call them because I was going to get her into problems. "

Mendoza said Hanna told her that, "I shouldn't tell the truth to the police. She told me to lie. She told me to say she (Sanchez)had not died there."

When their mother still hadn't returned home by 10 p.m., Maria Sanchez testified at the trial that she returned to the clinic along with her aunt and two friends.

Arriving in the parking lot, they saw Hanna and Mendoza "dragging something out of the clinic" towards her mother's car, Maria testified. "I asked [Mendoza] where my mother was. She said she didn't know. Then I went around the car and I saw my mother."

A former co-worker testified that Hanna planned to dump the body in Tijuana, Mexico. In court, Hanna admitted to trying to hide the woman’s death.

The Commercial Appeal, Abortionist guilty in woman's death, 12-17-1994
Orange County Register, Clinic owner prevented 911 call, aide says, 8-24-1993

Investigators pose as abortion patients

On Sept. 16,1999, California medical board investigators posed as patients at four of Nicholas G. Braemer 10 abortion clinics.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported the story in their June 22, 2000 article entitled, Accused doctor agrees to give up his license. They said that during those visits, investigators charged that Braemer had allowed medical assistants to perform ultrasound pregnancy tests and interpret the results to patients and that this amounted to their practicing medicine without a license.

The California Medical Board shows that Braemer's license in California was surrendered August 1, 2000.


Anesthesia , no licensed abortion personnel

Inspectors at the Ladies First ( abortion) Clinic , in Pembroke Pines, Florida found that there was no records to indicate that licensed personnel monitor women who are recovering from general anesthesia or that licensed personnel monitor women to ensure they are not hemorrhaging or going into shock.

Health Inspectors closed the abortion clinic in 1989, according to a PR Newswire report, Florida HRS closes Broward County abortion clinic, agency claims facility worst of recent closings, dated October 5, 1989.

Closest thing to a back-alley abortion mill

Source: PR Newswire: Florida HRS closes Broward County abortion clinic, agency claims facility worst of recent closings: 10-5-1989/ HRS Inspection 9-22-1989

In Florida, at the Dadeland Family Planning abortion clinic, inspectors found that an unlicensed and untrained high school dropout was left alone to determine whether women were hemorrhaging or their blood pressure was dropping and they were going into shock. This same person was dispensing drugs to patients without a license. Other unlicensed staff were performing abortions. Leading the state to close that abortion clinic.

Greg Coler, secretary of the state,Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services (HRS):

"This clinic ... is the closest thing to a back-alley abortion mill that you can find in Florida, considering that abortion is legal."  

Connie Cheren, HRS' director of licensure and certification:

"it was one hundred times worse than I thought it would be, I was really
shocked at the conditions."

St. Petersburg Times, Abortion clinic closed, tougher rules on hold, 9-26-1989

Unlicensed personnel attended abortion patients

Inspectors at the Blue Coral Medical Center discovered that when the patients were recovering from general anesthesia, untrained, unlicensed personnel attended them. One of the unlicensed doctors was Nabil Ghali, whose license had been revoked by Florida and several other states. Ghali's license was revoked after Florida officials learned he was convicted in Kentucky on four counts of unlawfully engaging in sex with the 14-year-old daughter of a friend, according to state records.
When officials at the Department of Professional Regulation (DPR) began preparing a case against Ghali in 1985, they discovered something else: He wrote on his license application in May 1981 that he had been sued for alleged medical malpractice once. In fact, DPR attorneys learned in 1986, Ghali had been sued at least four times in Kentucky.
St. Petersburg Times reported that the state gave Ghali a license to open the Blue Coral Medical Center. That his medical license was revoked by that time was not taken into consideration,

Connie Cheren, head of licensure and certification for HRS said, "You can be a convicted felon and run an abortion clinic in this state. There's more regulation involved in running a dog kennel."

PR Newswire: Florida HRS closes Broward County abortion clinic,
agency claims facility worst of recent closings, 10-5-1989
HRS Inspection, 9-25-1989
St. Petersburg Times Doctor linked to 2 closed clinics, 9-29-1989

Several unlicensed abortionists found in Miami

In stories related to the use of unlicensed doctors performing abortions in Miami (Miami Herald, Two owners arrested in abortion clinic probe, July 19, 2005 and  NBC 6 TV's, Man Accused Of Performing Abortions Without License, May 5, 2005) it was revealed that Kieron Nisbet has been accused of giving anesthesia without a license to abortion patients at, A GYN Diagnostic Center abortion clinic in Miramar.

During the investigation of the clinic detectives concluded that Nisbet was not licensed to practice medicine in Florida.

Since then, two patients have come forward and claimed that Nisbet performed abortions on them at the Best Care Women Center in Miami.

The patients, who identified Nisbet in a photo line-up, said they received treatment from both Nisbet and also Yaqueline Martinez, who was arrested in March on suspicion of practicing nursing without a license.

"This person spoke to them, conducted a sonogram exam and, in one case, diagnosed a person, telling them how many weeks pregnant they were and then led them to a room where they were introduced to Mr. Nisbet as the doctor who would be performing the procedure," Sgt. Hector Llevat of the Miami-Dade police said.

As if to cover their trail, police said, Nisbet or Martinez forged the signature of a real doctor on the patients' files. Police arrested the clinic owners whom they claimed knew the man was operating without a valid medical license.

Police said they believe Nisbet also illegally performed abortions at a Hialeah abortion clinic, A Women's Care II, during the same time and has fled to Trinidad to escape an arrest warrant they obtained for him.

Nisbet was investigated by the Unlicensed Practitioner Unit (UPU) and is wanted by the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) for practicing medicine without a license at the Best Care Women's Center, in Miami.

The investigation dates back to November 2004. A Miami detective said they have now received solid information that the doctor is hiding out in Trinidad with family. They believe that he is also performing abortions in Trinidad, possibly under a false name.

Kieron Nisbet

In 2005, The Florida Department of Health’s (DOH) Unlicensed Activity (ULA) Unit announced that their joint investigation with the Miami-Dade Police Department led to the arrest of Jose Rodriguez and Magaly Gil for aiding and abetting the unlicensed practice of medicine.

Rodriguez and Gil own Best Care Women’s Center located at 8380 SW 8 th St. in Miami. Both voluntarily relinquished the abortion clinic license for the women’s center after allegations surfaced that Rodriguez and Gil allowed unlicensed physicians to perform pregnancy termination procedures at Best Care. The pair were owners of several abortion clinics in the Miami-Dade area.

Abortionist, Practicing medicine without a license

According to a March 8, 1983 article by the Associated press, the death of an abortion patient promted the state to arrest abortionist Hipolito Barreiro who charged with:

  • Practicing medicine without a license
  • Tampering with a witness
  • Abortion by an unlicensed doctor
  • Performing an illegal abortion that resulted in death.

The State of Florida Medical Examiners Division of Administrative Hearings found in case # 83-18-19, states that Barreiro worked under the blessing of another licensed abortionist at the clinic, Orlando Zaldivar.  

Their investigation revealed that between approximately January 15, 1981 and December 1982, abortionist Orlando Zaldivar worked as a physician at the Women's Care Center located at 5601 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida. Hipolito Barreiro was the owner and director of Women's Care Center. Hipolito Barreiro was not licensed to practice medicine in the State of Florida, but was engaged in the practice of medicine at the Women's Care Center.

The case documented the following incidents:

  • February 1982, Barreiro inserted an intrauterine contraceptive device into Carmen Moses' cervix.
  • July 1982, Barreiro gave patient, Patricia Humbert an injection and later performed an abortion on Humbert.
  • September 1982, Barreiro performed a gynecological examination on patient, Etta Annette Brown to determine the status of her pregnancy.
  • December, 1982, Orlando Zaldivar performed a vaginal examination on patient, Debra Plez confirming the fact that Plez was 6 1/2 months pregnant. Barreiro gave Plez a prescription, placed an IV in Plez's arm and finally performed an abortion on her (Plez).

Elaine Prater, an employee at the Women's Care Center, told the board that she observed Barreiro perform abortions on several occasions while Zaldivar was employed as a physician at the Women's Care Center.

According to the document, Zaldivar would sign patient charts as the physician performing the abortion when, in fact, the abortion was performed by Barreiro. These occurrences would usually take place in those instances where Zaldivar either arrived at work late or left work early. Additionally, it was noted that Zaldivar maintained a separate list of those patients on whom he performed an abortion and those patients for whom he had not operated or aborted.

Ms. Prater acknowledged that Zaldivar was confronted on several occasions by her (Prater) and another employee, Trudy Ellis about his practice of signing charts for those patients whose abortions he had not performed. Zaldivar admitted that he knew that Barreiro was not licensed to practice medicine in Florida and allegedly confronted Barreiro on more than one occasion asking, "Haven't I told you not to examine girls before?"

The case revealed that on several occasions, Zaldivar was presented "physician's reports of the termination," for abortions performed by Barreiro and was asked to sign the reports as a "physician" performing the termination.

Zaldivar signed these reports even though he knew that the actual abortions had been performed by Barreiro.

After the death of abortion patient, prosecutors said Barreiro, tried to coerce a licensed physician, Dr Nsidibe Ikpe into taking the blame for the death the woman who hemorrhaged at his Women's Care Center abortion clinic. According to the news, several malpractice cases were filed against the abortion clinic.

Unlicensed doctors operating abortion clinic

Florida Health Rehabilitative Services (HRS)  Inspection report, 9-18-23, 1989, revealed that when the Women’s Services Center, abortion clinic was inspected inspectors only found proof that 5 of the 6 physicians operating at the abortion clinic had a valid medical license.

I saw a lot of blood said the abortion patient

The Chicago Tribune reported that the Illinois Appellate Court, 1st District, 4th Division, affirmed abortionist Arnold Bickham's conviction for engaging in the unauthorized practice of medicine. Bickham was sentenced to 30 months of probation, a $10,000 fine and 2,600 hours of community service for giving a pelvic examination to a woman while his license was revoked. Two abortion patients testified that Bickham performed the abortions on them.

One patient testified, "I saw a lot of blood, I saw a girl on a table. She was moaning and I saw the doctor - Dr. Bickham."

The Chicago Tribune also reported that in 1988, the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation revoked Bickham's medical license after an administrative law judge ruled he was guilty of forcing an 18-year-old woman to leave his abortion clinic while she was still bleeding and in shock. The woman died, but Bickham was not criminally convicted.

Bickham told the Court, "I'm sorry that woman died. But to say that I caused that woman's death - I would not have done that. Since then it's been pure hell."

Prosecutor Rimas Cernius argued, that most physicians in Bickham's position would have steered clear of the business, but, "Instead, Arnold Bickham kept up his abortion business while his license was suspended. Nothing could stand in the way of his pursuit of profit - neither the law nor simple humanity."

According to the Tribune, in 1979, Bickham was sentenced to federal prison for 2 years for defrauding the U.S. government of job training funds for workers at his abortion clinic.

After Bickham lost his medical license he sought a post as a principal at an Elementary School. Bickham was handpicked by district administrators in 2003 to serve as principal at Truth Elementary School, 1443 N. Ogden Ave., in Chicago.

In November of 2003, Bickham was placed on administrative duty at a district office pending the outcome of an investigation of misconduct allegations. School officials would not give reporters details about the investigation except to say it involved "student discipline" issues.

Arnold Bickham

Chicago Tribune
Probation given to ex-doctor: 1-3-1992
Court told 3 received abortions: 10-22-1991
Principal accused of misconduct; Former doctor who lost license: 11-6-2003

No counseling training for abortion clinic worker

The Board of Review of the Illinois Department of Employment Security, case # 92-L50928 depositioned a clinic receptionist of the Concord Medical Center.

She stated that she is "Supposed to counsel the women on their abortions and take them in the back, get them changed and do all this while answering the phone and watching the front door."

When asked if she was trained to be a counselor, her answer was, "No, most people that counsel there (abortion clinic) did not have much training, before they started working there, that’s the way it worked."

All the staff started IV's at the abortion clinic

Sheri McDaniel, former employee of abortionist William Malcolm Knarr, stated in an October 10, 1992 sworn affidavit that, "All the staff started IV’s. Once a woman who began there as a receptionist  and had no medical training was starting IV’s within one month."

Abortionist's wife working, not licensed

On November 1, 2005, abortionist Gideon M. Kioko had his medical license suspended by the Maryland Board of Physicians. (Maryland Board of Physicians case # 2005-0499)

Investigators found that among many other things that an unlicensed person was assisting in abortions at the clinic where Kioko worked. They also found that proper emergency equipment was lacking at the clinic. Investigators only found three employees at the clinic: Kioko’s wife, Kioko’s niece, and a medical assistant. Kioko’s wife claimed to be a nurse, but investigators could not find any proof of her registration in the state. Kioko stated that he fired the medical assistant claiming that she was stealing funds from him. The case noted that even though Kioko’s wife was not licensed by the state as a nurse, she frequently assisted Kioko in the performance of abortions.

A September 2006 newsletter, by the DC Board of Medicine, shows that Kioko's license was revoked July 10, 2006. A 2005 letter issued by the board states that Kioko's conduct presents an imminent danger to the health and safety of the residents of the District of Columbia, citing several charges of endangering abortion patients.

Judge sentences woman for performing abortion

Source: Woman gets probation for performing abortion : 2-2-2006/ The Republican, Plea in abortion case nets probation, fine for woman: 2-2-2006

In February of 2006, a judge sentenced Deva Skydancer to probation after she plead guilty for practicing medicine without a medical license.

She admitted to performing a suction abortion which she called "menstrual extraction" on a woman. The woman later had to be hospitalized for a uterine infection caused by the procedure. The hospital reported the case to law enforcement and it was found that Skydancer did not have a medical license.

Abortion rights advocates said they were shocked by the case when it was initially reported, because access to legal abortion is so much easier in Massachusetts than in other parts of the country.

Abortionist authorized unlicensed assistants

The Boston Globe detailed allegations that abortionist Howard J. Silverman, who owns Repro Associates, authorized untrained and unlicensed assistants to sedate patients, and that between 1990 and 1998, he conducted medical procedures on patients under sedation without having licensed medical personnel on hand.

In 1984, the board found Silverman guilty of engaging in sexual misconduct with a patient, and put him on probation for 2 1/2 years for allegedly touching patients' breasts "for no medical purpose" and with making sexual advances on a medical assistant at least once.


The Boston Globe: 9-2-1989
Boston Globe: Board OKs claims against doctor, 7-2-1999
Legal Action for Women

Abortion clinic filthy with untrained workers

Source: NY Newsday: Abortion Doc Nailed; Unlicensed MD arrested in police sting: 1-14-1992/ Doctor NY Times, With Revoked License Is Arrested 1-14-1992
Michigan authorities shut down abortionist Ming Kow Hah’s abortion clinic near Detroit after finding "filthy conditions and untrained workers there."

It was reported that Hah's Michigan license was revoked as well as his Illinois medical license. The papers claim that by the time he lost his license in the two states, he had already set up shop in New York.

According to the New York Times, in August of 1991, Hah's New York license was revoked.

Just a few months later in January of 1992, the New York Health Department received an anonymous tip that Hah had set up an abortion office in his home and was performing procedures there. An undercover investigator made an appointment and when Hah agreed to do the abortion he was arrested.

Abortion doc unlicensed for three years

The New Jersey Record newspaper reported that abortionist Wieslaw Reszczynski performed an abortion without a medical license. Besides his home, Reszczynski practiced from an office on Rutherford Place that investigators had under surveillance for several weeks.

The investigation began when police got a complaint from a Bergen County woman who"suffered severely"from a botched abortion. According to the paper, he tried 2 or 3 times to abort a baby girl who was later born alive and left with brain damage.

The articles noted that authorities added an aggravated assault charge against Reszczynski along with charges of maintaining offices at two private residences, where he allegedly saw patients in elaborate, fully equipped basement offices. Reszczynski was charged with possession of hypodermic needles, illegally dispensing a prescription, taking money from patients under the guise that he was a licensed doctor, and three counts of possessing stolen prescription pads from other doctors, police said.

Reszczynski operated without a license in legal clinics undetected for three year before he was caught.

The Record (NJ)
Bogus doctors prey on poor: 1/11/1998
Man pleads not guilty to posing as doctor: 1/9/1997
Illegal medical office closed: 1/8/1997

Receptionist injected abortion-inducing chemicals

In 2005, Liza Berdiel, receptionist of New Jersey abortionist Flavius Moses Thompson, who owned the Pleasant Women's Pavilion was charged with three counts each of performing "nonsurgical abortion procedures without a license and theft by deception for accepting payment for the procedures."

She is charged with injecting abortion-inducing chemicals in three women that were patients of Thompson’s. Berdiel was also charged with three counts of theft by deception for accepting $380 for each procedure, as well as theft and forgery for using a stolen prescription pad to write a prescription for one of the patients, according to Lakewood police Capt. Rob Lawson.

More victims were suspected as the investigation proceeded.

On October 27, 2006, the Asbury Park Press (Abortionist's receptionist sent to jail for illegally performing non-surgical abortion)  reported that A Superior Court judge sent a doctor's receptionist to the Ocean County Jail for 270 days for performing nonsurgical abortions without a medical license.

"The days of the back-alley abortions are gone," Judge Peter J. Giovine said in sentencing Liza Berdiel, 26, of Morris Avenue, Lakewood.

"This was egregious conduct that you were involved in," the judge told the single mother of two. "This type of crime can't go unpunished."

Assistant Ocean County Prosecutor Martin J. Anton told The Press that Berdial's, "behavior is outrageous and without excuse," Anton said. "The motive was to make money. The victims suffered from the lack of medical professionalism."

Berdiel's attorney, Robert G. Gerage, said Berdiel was "acting at the direction of her supervisor (abortionist Flavius Thompson) , the doctor for which she was employed," when she performed the abortions.

In addition to imposing the 270-day jail term, Giovine placed Berdiel on probation for three years and ordered her to pay $380 in restitution to each of her three victims. That was the amount she charged the patients for the abortions.

 Asbury Park Press, Doctor cedes his medical license, 1/29/2005
Tri-town News, Receptionist charged at Lakewood clinic: 1/20/2005
Tri-Town News
Lakewood doctor charged with violations at clinic 1/26/2005

Abortion doc allows unlicensed staff to operate

Source: NY Newsday: Free after crackdown / Arraigned on illegal-medicine, 10 get out of custody, 8-10-1996/

Fake abortion doctor, Lisa Lu, a/k/a Dr. Ting Deng, was charged with two counts of the unauthorized practice of a profession at a Chinatown abortion clinic she ran.

News reports state that abortionist Eugene Schwalben who was the licensed doctor allowed Lu to perform abortions. Schwalden was charged with two counts of unauthorized medicine for allowing Lu to perform abortions under his supervision.

The two were described in the news as:"leaving a patient, hemorrhaging and unconscious, in a hallway after a botched abortion."

The patient told reporters, "It has been 10 months since I was left to die in a hallway.  I still spend all day in the house. I am still in pain. I still have fainting spells. It has been a constant nightmare."

The investigation discovered four unlicensed abortionists in a small area of Chinatown alone: Eugene Schwalben and Lisa Lu (Ting Deng) ran the abortion clinic.

Schwalben, 78-year-old obstetrician, who court records show, had no hospital admitting privileges or malpractice insurance and who declared bankruptcy after lawsuits by patients. Lu (Deng)  was not a licensed physician at all, according to state records.

The two purported doctors working with Schwalbe, were a man who offered to scrape a patient's uterus for $200, and a licensed acupuncturist who said he would induce an abortion by giving a patient herbal medicines.

The New York Daily News reported that a Wei Deng advertised as an internist but was a licensed acupuncturist, and gave a News researcher medicines he said would induce an abortion.

The investigation, aided by researchers wearing hidden tape recorders who posed as patients, found that numerous unlicensed, untrained individuals were

  • performing surgery
  • giving injections
  • dispensing drugs
  • ordering X-rays
  • selling potions banned by the U.S. government.
  • performing abortions
NY Daily News: Bust 10 in quackdown news spur sweep through China town : 8-9-1996
 Daily News , Arrests a tonic to victim: 8-9-1996
The NY Daily News, A near-fatal abortionbotch: 1-3-1996
Daily News Fine time for 31 Quacks: 6-23-1996

8 abortion clinics ran by unlicensed abortion doc

On May 5, 1993, New York  Newsday reported  that abortionist Maxen Samuel, was arrested and accused by the state of operating  8-abortion clinics without a medical license.

The article entitled, Doctor Deception; How abortion 'con man' defied the law, reports that one patient told reporters that Samuel had performed an abortion on her and done other gynecological exams, and even asked her out on a date.

After she visited another licensed doctor, she found out she had cervical cancer, something Samuel failed to diagnose.

Unlicensed abortion clinic raided

The New York Times reported in their December 29, 1996 article, Human Tissue Is Seized at an Unlicensed Abortion Clinic, that police responded to complaints that a human fetus had been discarded outside an unlicensed Queens abortion clinic.

State health officials raided the unlicensed abortion clinic in Jackson Heights seizing more than 200 small containers of human tissue.

Abortion clinic employees dispensing drugs

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, abortionist Raymond E. Robinson  was investigated for pre-signing blank prescription forms for drugs at the Akron Center for Choice abortion clinic, which it was not licensed to give out.

Robinson then allegedly left the prescriptions for other clinic employees to dispense to patients. As a result, Robinson was charged with felony possession of forged drug documents.  Michael Finke, a nurse who runs the clinic, was charged with a felony of possessing dangerous drugs for sale.

Office assistant Melanie Magrell and receptionist Tara Beck each were charged with felony possession of forged drug documents and misdemeanor drug-sample dispensing. William Winsley, the pharmacy board's executive director, said the Akron Center for Choice lacks a license to dispense the drugs. The pharmacy tipped off the authorities.

Robinson later challenged the charges in court and the indictment was dismissed.

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, in 1993, Robinson's medical license was suspended for six months. He admitted to the Ohio Medical Board that he prescribed thousands of doses of controlled substances to a family member without performing physical examinations.

Akron Beacon Journal
Abortion clinic workers accused of dispensing drugs without a license: 2-28-2004
Birth control provided illegally: 2-27-2004

Abortionist allows staff to administer drugs

In 2005, the Centre Daily Times reported that abortionist Harvey Brookman was charged by the state with practicing without malpractice insurance, giving expired drugs to patients, allowing unlicensed staff to administer drugs, failing to check his patients' ages and identities, and performing abortions without a licensed registered nurse present.

Brookman worked at the American Women's Services clinic from the time it opened in September 2003, until it closed in April of the same year. The clinic has since re-opened and claims to use another abortion doctor.

The state accused Brookman of performing 2,400 medical procedures without medical liability insurance, which is mandatory in Pennsylvania. In one instance, a young woman had to be rushed to a local hospital to have her life saved after a procedure in Brookman’s office.

In April of 1990, Brookman admitted to the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners that he destroyed the hospital form of a patient after he misdiagnosed the gestational age of the baby he aborted. He told the board that he destroyed the document with the intention of writing a new one after he discovered his error. He has since surrendered his New Jersey Medical License and, according to the Associated Press, Brookman's New York license was revoked in the same year he surrendered the New Jersey license. 

Brookman's Pennsylvania license was revoked by the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs and the State Department of Health in 2006.

Centre Daily Times Doctor cited over license: 2-16-2005
The Associated Press  Doctor at closed Erie abortion clinic cited by state: 2-10-2005
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania press release: 4-19-2005

Nurse administers anesthesia in abortion clinic

Texas Department of State Health Services, which regulates abortion clinics in the state noted on their Survey Inspection report dated 7-25-2005, found that one Dallas abortion clinic had nurse staff administering anesthesia that "had not received their full credentials."

Fake doctors found inside abortion clinic

Fake doctor sentenced, was the title of a September 25, 1996, Houston Chronicle article reporting that two employees of a Houston abortion clinic were arrested after authorities discovered that amongst the licensed doctors performing abortions there, two of the employees doing the surgeries weren’t licensed doctors.

Texas abortion clinics use unlicensed doctor

In 1983, the Dallas CBS-TV affiliate news program did a five-day expose' on abortion clinics with women reporters going undercover.  The expose' showed that clinics performed abortions on women who weren't pregnant and used an unlicensed doctor. 

Abortionist did not know CPR, patient dies

The Virginia Richmond Times Dispatch reported that one hour after an abortion procedure began on a 26-year-old women, she died.

The May 22, 2005 story entitled, Regulations have made office-based anesthesia: 2002 case of woman dying during abortion promoted charges, exposed that the abortionist, Mi Yong Kim did not have the proper equipment or training to resuscitate the patient. The woman’s heart stopped during the abortion procedure and Kim was not adequately trained in administering the type of sedation needed to give the patient.

According to the story, Kim did not know cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, nor did any of her medical staff.

Emergency suspension order against abortion clinic

In August 14, 2006, the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) issued an emergency suspension order against the Reproductive Health Services (RHS) abortion clinic, saying it failed to have its regular doctor backed up by a physician with admitting privileges at a local hospital.
RHS was ordered to “cease all operation as an abortion or reproductive health center,” and its license was suspended for failing to have a physician with admitting privileges at a local hospital, which the ADPH said is “not only a violation of State Rules, but also constitutes conduct or practices detrimental to the welfare of the patients of RHS, and constitutes a danger to public health and welfare.”

Rick Harris, director of the department's Bureau of Health Provider Standards said,

"We identified a lot of other problems, there were other issues. We cannot have an abortion clinic doing procedures without a backup physician, so it wouldn't matter if they had other problems. This one problem is enough to shut them down at least until they get this problem fixed."

 News reports state that Reproductive Health Services deficiencies included:

  • Failure to keep an updated logbook documenting patient complications such as severe cramps, passage of large clots, hospitalization and vomiting

  • An emergency drug box was accessible to unauthorized personnel

  • Incomplete personnel files

  • Unlabeled and outdated medications
  • In September of 2006, State Health Officer Don Williamson agreed to allow the clinic to re-open on a probationary bases saying their license could be revoked if new violations are found. Williamson said Reproductive Health Services also agreed to several unannounced visits by inspectors over the next year that will determine if it can remain in operation.

    Ledger-Enquirer, Health Department suspends license of Montgomery abortion clinic: 8-15-2006
    Montgomery Advertiser: 8-21-2006
    Times Daily, Montgomery abortion clinic to reopen on probationary license: 9-19-2006

    Doc says he does not run abortion clinic

    Source: 20/20 A woman’s right, a woman’s risk 3-8-1999 /The Journal News , Abortion doctor tied to 6 deaths: 1-31-1999

    On March 8, 1999, the ABC news magazine show 20/20 ran a report entitled, A woman’s right, a woman’s risk.

    During the program, 20/20 correspondent Brian Ross made this comment about the abortion clinic of New York abortionist, Moishe Hachamovitch which did not have a license to operate as an abortion clinic, "In our 20/20 investigation, we also found that Dr. Moishe Hachamovitch's facilities in New York and Phoenix operated unlicensed and uninspected, because he says what others might call abortion clinics aren't clinics at all, at least not legally, but instead, just his private doctor's office. Yet, Dr. Hachamovitch specializes in the much more complicated and risky late abortions, up to 24 weeks, according to his yellow page ads, six months into the pregnancy."

    On January 31,1999, The Westchester County, NY, Journal News reported that, Dr. William Ramos of Las Vegas, a former employee and business partner, bought Hachamovitch's Las Vegas abortion clinic in April 1998 after a contract dispute between the two.

    The article entitled, Abortion doctor tied to 6 deaths, reported that Ramos accused Hachamovitch of regularly  ''cutting corners'' by outfitting his clinics with used and cheap equipment, such as gray metal shelves ''that I wouldn't have in my garage. ''

    Ramos told the paper that, ''When I bought the (Las Vegas) facility, it was very stark, (with) plain white walls. It was a very scary-looking place, and I saw several patients come in, look around, get as far as the operating room and then walk out. I spent $50,000 bringing it up to my standards.''

    Ramos also said Hachamovitch regularly relied on low-paid, part-time workers who didn't receive benefits.''There was extraordinary turnover in staff - people who weren't adequately trained and weren't adequately supervised,'' Ramos reportedly said.

    Ohio Abortion clinics found without license

    In 1999, the Associated Press reported that the following Ohio abortion clinics which were operating without a license as an abortion facility were ordered to apply for a state license:

    • Akron-Akron Center for Choices Akron Women's Medical Center Medical Planning Services Akron Women's Medical Group
    • Cincinnati-Women's Med+ Center
    • Cleveland-Center for Women's Health
    • Columbus-Capital Care Women's Center Founders Women's Health Center
    • Dayton-Dayton Women's Services Women's Med+ Center
    • Toledo-Toledo Medical Services
    • Youngstown-Mahoning Women's Center

    On March 1, 2000, the Ohio Plain Dealer (Rocky River to tighten abortion clinic oversight) reported that the Ohio state health regulators again found several abortion clinics had been operating without the required licenses.

    The state Health Department investigated and found that two had closed, four did not need a license and three had already applied for licenses.

    Twelve others were ordered to apply.

    Seven of those facilities, including the Center for Women's Health in Cleveland, were going through the licensing process, and five others were appealing, claiming they do not need to be licensed on the grounds that they are physicians' offices and are outside the scope of the licensing law.

    Abortion clinic cited for several violations

    In September of 2006, The Ohio Plain Dealer reported, (Abortion center ordered to close; East Side clinic cited with violations: 9/9/2006), that the Ohio Department of Health cited the Center for Women's Health abortion clinic in Cleveland for failing to have patient transfer agreements with hospitals in case of emergency, among other violations. In what seemed to be the most serious infraction, the clinic had difficulty finding a hospital willing to admit a patient who encountered complications during her second-trimester abortion.

    Roy Croy, of the division of the state health department that oversees ambulatory and surgical care facilities, including abortion clinics noted, "[There were] six to seven patients where there was no record that their temperature or blood pressure had been taken before the procedure. These are things that should be done before you start surgery."

    In 1999 abortionist Martin Ruddock, the medical director of the Center for Women's Health in Cleveland, was in a dispute with the state over licensing requirements. He reportedly said the clinic initially had a license, but found the requirements too burdensome and expensive. "This is a private physician's office. We don't need to qualify as an ambulatory facility," Ruddock said. "These are burdensome and unnecessary regulations that have nothing to do with quality health care."

    In 2000, the state found that several abortion clinics were operating without a license. The Center for Women's Health was again among the clinics the state cited. However, the Center for Women's Health did become licensed as an ambulatory surgical care facility since 2000 but let its license lapse in November. News papers reported that Ruddock considered the center a private medical practice and did not believe it should be regulated by the state.

    But Croy said advertisements described the center as an ambulatory-surgical care facility. "The fact of the matter is, the way the statute is written, if you hold yourself out as an ambulatory facility, you are an ambulatory facility."

    A few years back, a 911 recording made from one of the clinic's doctors after a patient was injured during a second trimester abortion described a cervical injury to a 30-year-old patient, where the doctor told a dispatcher, "She's stable, I just can't stop the bleeding. I can't see what I'm doing, and I want her out of here."


    Abortion doctor does not stay with patients

    In October of 1999, the Ohio Health Department visited the Capital Care Women's Center in Columbus. They noted on their report that the physician does not always stay in the clinic while patients are present.

    They also revealed that they did not have any agreements with local hospitals to transfer a patient who had serious complications. They admitted that they recently needed to transfer a patient but the inspector was not able to review the records for more details.

    Abortion doctor accused of working without license

    The Richmond Times Dispatch reported on April 19, 2002, in an article entitled, Abortion doctor charged, that the Virginia Board of Medicine had suspended the medical license of abortionist Rodger A. Fraser for allegedly mishandling an abortion at the Commonwealth Women's Clinic in Falls Church.

    In a 2002, Department of Health Professions disciplinary action against the abortionist, the board investigated a botched abortion Fraser performed on a patient in 2001. Fraser originally estimated the fetus to be 10-11 weeks gestation, but instead the baby was 18 -20 weeks. The paper noted that the woman's uterus was perforated multiple times, which damaged her bowel and caused her to hemorrhage, according to state documents. She had to be rushed to INOVA Fairfax Hospital for emergency treatment. The complaint further alleged that Fraser did not explain to the patient, who didn't speak English, why he was sending her to the hospital, and "abandoned [her] when he sent her to the hospital with insufficient documentation or guidance explaining [the patient's] condition."

    Days after his suspension the abortionist was allegedly paid $1,440 for performing 23 procedures - 22 of them abortions - at the Capital Women's Health Clinic at 1511 Starling Drive in western Henrico, according to testimony in Henrico General District Court.

    Three witnesses testified that Fraser was the only doctor working at the clinic on Feb. 9, and that 23 patients had procedures done that day. Sylvia Winckler, a nurse employed by the clinic, confirmed through testimony that Fraser was the only doctor on duty that day and that she assisted him with 10 of the 22 abortions he performed.

    The abortionist went before a grand jury that recommended a trial be set for four counts of practicing medicine without a license.

    A Virginia Board of Medicine newsletter, dated winter of 2002, showed that Rodger Alvin Fraser of Glen Allen, VA, had to surrender his license for permanent revocation based on patient care issues, providing incorrect information on his practitioner profile and practicing without a license after being summarily suspended by Order of the Board dated February 8, 2002.



    Abortionist surrenders license

    The January 6, 2005 California Press Enterprise reported in it's article entitled, Physician to surrender license, that abortionist, Philip B. Pierre-Louis agreed to stop practicing medicine after he was accused of hiring an unlicensed physician assistant, prescribing medications on an expired drug license, and failing a competency assessment.

    In 1999, The California Medical Board suspended Pierre-Louis's license put him on four years of probation and fined $5,000 in cost recovery for gross negligence, incompetence, unprofessional conduct and failure to maintain adequate medical records when he perforated a 17-year-old patient's uterus and removed three to five feet of her intestine when performing an abortion. Another physician performed corrective surgery and completed the procedure. The patient was placed in intensive care for nine days and had to remain in the hospital for 12 days, postoperatively.

    A May 6, 2003 San Bernardino Sun article (Doctor's license is revoked) revealed that on February of 2003, the Medical Board reopened its case against Pierre-Louis, alleging that he had failed to comply with his probation requirements. On May 27, 2003, the Medical Board of California revoked the  Pierre-Louis's license.

    Abortion clinic operates 2 years without license

    In a May 26, 1985, Washington Post article detailing the shoddy way health inspectors regulate clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes, they stated that The Laurel Clinic, an abortion clinic cited for improperly using anesthesia and unsanitary conditions, was allowed to operate without a license for two years until Mayor Marion Barry bypassed the licensing agency and ordered it closed. At least three other unlicensed facilities were allowed to operate for more than a decade.

    The Post article was appropriately titled, Health, Safety Violations Persist.

    Phony doctors arrested in Texas abortion clinic

    A September 9, 1991 article written by the Associated Press, Two Indicted For Injuring Woman During Abortion, and The Arizona Republic, History of trouble at clinics abortion centers accumulate records of 6 deaths, 28 suits 1/17/1999, reported the indictment of two unlicensed abortion clinic employees, Cynthia Guerra Diaz, and her brother and assistant, John Michael Ramos. The two were alleged to have performed as many as 150 to 250 illegal abortions at the Alamo Women's Health Service Inc..

    On August 13, 1996, the San Antonio Express-News reported that the court files on the pair include an inch-thick stack of witness statements collected by Texas Rangers in their months long investigation of the Alamo Women Services Inc.

    Diaz, who owned and operated the clinic, and Ramos, who worked for Diaz, are charged with performing an abortion on a 21-year-old woman Jan. 18, 1991. Neither was a licensed physician.

    They were alleged to have lacerated the woman's colon and ruptured her uterus during the procedure. She was hospitalized for more than three weeks, with medical bills totaling more than $100,000, said Assistant District Attorney Mick Aguilera. The woman told investigators that when the procedure was finished Diaz slapped her to bring her out of unconsciousness. The woman said she was having difficulty breathing and they used an air ventilator on her.

    After they sent her home, she said, her stomach swelled, making her look eight months pregnant. When she went back to the clinic to be checked, the woman said, Diaz and Ramos told her she was having problems because she was not walking enough.

    In a statement to Texas Rangers, Ramos admitted his participation in that abortion and in 60 others. He said he learned the procedure from watching doctors at another clinic where he had worked. A clinic business manager confirmed this, saying the pair had performed abortions at Moshe Hachamovitch's clinic but were later fired after some patients developed complications.

    Before the investigation, the Bexar County district attorney's office had received complaints that at least seven women were injured when given abortions without physicians present.. A gynecologist has said he ended his affiliation with the clinic last year after suspecting unlicensed personnel were examining patients and dispensing drugs.

    Prosecutor Mick Aguilar said the two should get no mercy because, "of their greed, Ramos and Diaz lost all feelings for human beings - who had trusted them with their lives."

    Ramos and Diaz were sentenced to 6 years in prison.  After he was sentenced, Elizabeth Herrera Robinson, who was injured seriously during the abortion procedure performed by Ramos and Diaz in 1991, told the court she was relieved the case was over. "This is more less a breaking point for me. . . . I'm glad that they are going to be put in jail for what they did." 

    On a November 27, 1996 edition of the Geraldo Rivera Show, entitled, Exposing phony physicians; patient protect thyself, one of the patients who nearly died after she received an abortion by the two phony abortion doctors said, "I was in my teens. I was 19, going on 20. I was pregnant and my decision was not to have it. And I looked in the Yellow Pages."

    Rivera asked, "And what did it say? What did the ad say?"

    The woman  Lisa replied, "Alamos Women's Clinic, abortions--you know, where they give teens pills, you know."

    Lisa continued, "So next thing you know, I was out and--from the anesthesia. And during that time is the time that was fatal. They--that's--that's when they punctured my uterus and they lacerated my intestine on the table while I was there. And when--that hurt so bad. The pain was so bad that it woke me up. It woke me up out of anesthesia. I was--my back was arched on the table and she was slapping me to tell me--you know, It's OK. Breathe. Breathe,' you know, and so I--I could see them. I was in a daze and I could see them looking inside me and telling me--saying to themselves, We're going to have to do something, go back in and nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.' You know, it was just so crazy. It was dazed and confused. But luckily, I got up off the table and I said, No, you're not going to.' I told them, No, I'm leaving.' I got up. I put my clothes on and I was not bleeding yet because I was bleeding internally. And I got up and I left out of there. I passed out on the way home. And when I got home, I didn't know what to do. I was so messed up from the anesthesia. Who knows how much they gave me in the first place--if it was a correct dosage or not?"

    After the attempted abortion Lisa went to the emergency room, there the doctors performed surgery and for one year she had to wear a colostomy bag.






    Miami abortion clinic, BUSTED: no doctor present

    Florida Department of Professional Regulation's Case # 90-0249 involving abortionist Marta Garcia-Lavin revealed that a Miami abortion clinic had unlicensed doctors performing procedures.

    This case began on October 20, 1989, when the Department of Professional Regulation, Board of Medicine (Department) filed an administrative complaint against Marta Garcia-Lavin and alleged five violations of Chapter 458, Florida Statutes. Specifically, the Department alleged: that Garcia-Lavin had violated Florida Statutes,

    • by aiding, assisting, procuring or advising any unlicensed person to practice medicine;
    • by presigning blank prescription forms;
    • by delegating professional responsibilities to a person when the licensee delegating such responsibilities knows or has reason to know that such person is not qualified by training, experience or licensure to perform them;
    • by procuring, aiding or abetting in the procuring of, an unlawful termination of pregnancy;
    • by failing to report to the Department any person who the licensee knows is in violation of Chapter 458 or the rules of the Department or the Board of Medicine.

    According to the document, all of the alleged violations were to have taken place from December, 1987, through March, 1988, while the Garcia-Lavin was associated with the Roga Medical Center, in Miami, Florida.

    The case notes that on or about March 1, 1988, Garcia-Lavin was associated with a clinic in Miami, Florida, known as the Roga Medical Center. Garcia-Lavin's exact employment status with the Roga Medical Center is not known; however, medical documents, including a certificate from the DEA, bearing the Garcia-Lavin's name were displayed for public view within the Roga Center. Further, Garcia-Lavin has admitted that she worked at the Roga Center two days a week from December, 1987 through some portion of March, 1988.

    During the month of March, 1988, individuals known as Edgar Gonzalez and Conchita Chaves were also present at the Roga Center. Neither of these individuals was licensed to practice medicine within the State of Florida. In fact, Mr. Gonzalez' license to practice medicine had been revoked by the Board of Medicine on February 21, 1983.

    As a result of a complaint received by the Department, an investigation of the Roga Center was commenced in March, 1988. Georgina Jorge, an investigator employed by the Department, and Juan Espinosa, a detective employed by the Metro- Dade Police Department, posed as a married couple and went to the Roga Center to inquire as to whether an abortion could be obtained at the clinic.

    The document states that the Roga Center was not licensed to perform early terminations of pregnancies by the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services.

    During their first visit at the Roga Center, on Friday, March 25, 1988, Investigator Jorge and Detective Espinosa met with Ms. Chaves (who is also known as Dr. Conchita). Ms. Chaves greeted the couple in the waiting area and escorted them into an adjacent office to discuss their medical situation.

    Investigator Jorge had a urine specimen from a pregnant police officer in her purse so that when Ms. Chaves completed the medical history and asked her to provide a sample for testing, she went to a bathroom and used the specimen she had brought together with a portion of her own urine. Consequently, the testing performed by Ms. Chaves indicated positive for pregnancy. Since both Investigator Jorge and Detective Espinosa claimed the pregnancy was undesired, Ms. Chaves advised them of the availability of an abortion and its cost.

    Investigator Jorge indicated her nervousness concerning an abortion and suggested that she would require something to relax her in order to go through with the procedure. In the couple's presence, Ms. Chaves lifted the desk blotter to reveal what were presumed to be prescription forms; however, a prescription was not given to Investigator Jorge at that time.

    Ms. Chaves offered to perform a pelvic examination (which would be required prior to the procedure) but the parties decided to wait for the doctor who would perform the abortion (who was not there at that time). Garcia-Lavin was not present at the Roga Center during this visit.

    The next day, Investigator Jorge telephoned the Roga Center and spoke with an individual who identified himself as Dr. Gonzalez. Based upon their discussion, Investigator Jorge was to return to the clinic on Monday, March 28, 1988, for the abortion, the cost of which was quoted to be $450.00.

    On March 28, 1988, Investigator Jorge and Detective Espinosa returned to the Roga Center. They were accompanied by police backup who monitored their conversations from a vehicle stationed outside the clinic.

    The couple was once again shown into the office adjacent to the waiting area and met Dr. Gonzalez. At that time he described the procedure and the expected results. Ms. Chaves handed a hospital gown to Investigator Jorge who was to have a pelvic examination followed by the abortion, and the foursome walked down a hallway to the presumed examination/procedures room. En route, Detective Espinosa identified himself as a police officer, placed Ms. Chaves and Dr. Gonzalez under arrest, and called for the police backup to enter the clinic.

    After assisting the police backup team, Investigator Jorge went back to the office where she had met with Ms. Chaves and Dr. Gonzalez and obtained her medical file from the desk top. She also lifted the desk blotter and removed three blank prescription forms. The forms retrieved from under the blotter had been presigned by the Garcia-Lavin.

    The police conducted a sweep throughout the clinic offices to verify no patients were present, and closed the office. Garcia-Lavin was not present at the clinic during the activities of March 28, 1988.

    After exiting the Roga Center on March 28, 1988, Investigator Jorge met a woman in the parking area who had gone to the clinic for a prescription renewal. Subsequently, Investigator Jorge obtained the prescription forms that had been used by that patient as well another female who had been treated at the clinic. Prescription forms obtained by Investigator Jorge from pharmacies bore Garcia-Lavin's signature.

    On April 27, 1988, in the presence of her attorney, Garcia-Lavin was interviewed regarding the activities conducted at the Roga Medical Center. Garcia-Lavin admitted that she had been contacted to work at the Roga Center because the doctor who had been there had died. Garcia-Lavin admitted that she knew Ms. Chaves and Dr. Gonzalez from a prior time in Cuba.

    Also during the interview of April 27, 1988, Garcia-Lavin admitted that Chaves had called her to advise her that prescriptions had been signed using her name, after she left the clinic (reportedly March 25, 1988), because they needed to give them to patients.

    On July 3,1982, the Associated Press reported that abortionist Edgar Gonzalez was arrested after her performed an abortion on a 12-year-old girl who was seven months pregnant.

    The girl, whose name was not released, was in fair condition at South Miami Hospital on Saturday, Metro-Dade police detective Ben Hall said. To save her life, doctors had performed an emergency hysterectomy and a colostomy the night of June 25. The abortion, which began that morning, left her with a punctured uterus and intestines, Dr. Nathan Hirsch, now treating her, said Friday.

    Investigators reported that the fetus was mutilated, with its brain and stomach cut out, a leg and an arm cut off and the other leg nearly detached.

    Investigators said Gonzalez told doctors at South Miami Hospital he thought the girl was only 22 weeks pregnant, but the medical examiner's office determined the fetus was nearly 28 weeks old.

    Nine hours after the abortion began, Gonzalez called paramedics. The girl arrived at the hospital "within an hour of death," Dr. Nathan Hirsch said.

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