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If abortion is outlawed women will again be killed in back-alley abortions.

Virtually every study on this subject has concluded that deaths and injuries due to illegal abortion have been wildly exaggerated and that the vast majority of illegal abortions were done by licensed doctors who were simply breaking the law. 

Not only are abortion apologists lying when they say that thousands of women used to die every year from back-alley, coat-hanger abortions, but their own research proves it. 

Figures released in 1986 by the Alan Guttmacher Institute (the research arm of Planned Parenthood) show that in the 15 years prior to the legalization of abortion, the average number of women dying from illegal abortion in the entire United States was 136 per year and dropping. 

Obviously, it is a tragedy when even one young woman loses her life in this way.  However, there is a way to protect women against illegal abortions without butchering millions of defenseless children.

The first thing to keep in mind is that pro-lifers don’t do abortions.  If abortion were outlawed today and illegal abortionists started springing up next week, every one of them would be someone who is pro-choice.  In fact, every woman who was ever killed or maimed during an abortion – whether it was legal or illegal – was killed or maimed by someone who was pro-choice.  In other words, when the abortion lobby says, “If abortion is made illegal, women will die,” what they’re actually saying is, “If you stop us from killing babies, we’re going to start killing women.”    

So clearly, the solution to the back-alley abortion problem is for the pro-choice gang to agree not to do them.  They could also help us pass legislation requiring that, (a) people who commit illegal abortions are to be prosecuted under the same homicide statutes that apply to any other hired killer and, (b) anyone who coerces a woman to have an illegal abortion, or helps to arrange an illegal abortion, is to be charged as an accessory to homicide. 

Of course, these people are never going to agree to this because they never cared about this issue to begin with.  They simply wanted to make it look like we are responsible for the pregnant women they are threatening to kill.  The fact is, every time one of these radical pro-choice fanatics screams about dirty coat-hangers and back-alley abortions, the blood is on their hands – not ours. 

Also, if the motivation for legalized abortion really is to save the lives of women, why don’t we legalize rape?  After all, it is not uncommon for a woman to be killed by a rapist to keep her from identifying him to the authorities.  Legalizing rape would save those women by taking away that motivation.  We could also set up rape clinics where rapists could take their victims.  These centers could offer clean rooms, condom machines, emergency contraception, and perhaps even doctors on staff in case the rapist injures his victim.  We could even issue licenses to rapists requiring them to undergo routine testing for AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. 

Remember, the pro-choice argument is that women are going to have abortions regardless of what the law says, and that keeping abortion legal will make sure they occur in a clean and safe environment.  Those dynamics also apply to rape.  Keeping rape illegal has not prevented women from being raped, so why not at least try to prevent back-alley rapes?  As ridiculous as this suggestion is, if the goal is saving women’s lives, it makes as much sense as legalized abortion.



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